Spring 2015

Fancy LP CSR 81
Survival Skills
Curves   CD and Digital Download

Winter 2014

Fancy LP CSR 80
Barra Brown and the Wishermen
EPoch   CD/EP and Digital Download

Fall 2014

Fancy LP CSR 79
Queen Chief
CD/EP and Digital Download

Spring 2014

Saul - a tyrant and lamb CSR78
Saul Conrad
a tyrant and lamb
LP and Digital Download

KBA - I'm Rolling Under CSR76
King Black Acid
I'm Rolling Under
Digital Download

Winter 2014

dirtclodfight CSR73
The Main Sequence
Digital Download


Fall 2013

Fancy LPCSR 74
The Fancy LP
CD and Digital Download

Spring 2013

KBA - Always Crashing the Same CarCSR 70
King Black Acid
Always Crashing the Same Car
Digital Download

Fall 2012

Saul Conrad's debut album "Poison Packets," a collage of folk Americana and country songs, is co-released November 13th, 2012 on Cavity Search Records and Mountain of Leopards Records.
Saul Conrad - Poison PacketsCSR 72
Saul Conrad
Poison Packets
CD, LP and Digital Download 

Cavity Search is pleased to be releasing King Black Acid's new single on iTunes!
KBA - Behind Blue Eyes CSR71
King Black Acid
Behind Blue Eyes
Digital Download

Legendary band Thrillhammer's only release - now available digitally. Featuring Pete Krebs, Ben Munat and David Triebwasser.
snowbud CSR69
Digital Download

Summer 2012

Two new King Black Acid singles available on iTunes!

KBA - Slide Away CSR67
King Black Acid
Slide Away
Digital Download
KBA - Let's Burn CSR68
King Black Acid
Let's Burn Those Stars
Digital Download

Spring 2012

For the first time ever dirtclodfight's first 3 full lengths are available digitally on iTunes!