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Snow Bud and the Flower People
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Snow Bud and the Flower People is the musical brainchild and long standing side project of Northwest Legend Chris Newman (Napalm Beach, The Untouchables, Boo Frog). Snow Bud and the Flower People began one evening in 1985 when Newman wrote and recorded a batch of tunes on his 4-track singing the praises of the almighty herb. The resulting cassettes quickly became underground classics spreading via word of mouth and garnering a cult following across the globe. It was not long before Snow Bud were sharing bills with such heavy weights as the Pixies and Green River, putting out releases with such notable labels as Sub Pop and Tim Kerr and even landing a feature in the pages of High Times.

Over 20 years have passed since Snow Bud's humble beginnings in 1985 and the band is still going strong. Snow Bud and the Flower People have recorded a new album "Flashback" with the venerable Jack Endino. Flashback is a redux of the original cassettes including a new single "Stoner Girl" re-envisioned in glorious hi fidelity. Flashback is slated for release on 4/20/2012 on Cavity Search Records.

The antidote to popular taste Snow Bud and the Flower People turn out timeless and memorable classics in the key of weed. This is 2+2=ROCK. It just adds up, the songs are so good it's as if they wrote themselves. Better yet Snow Bud is no one trick pony and traverse a multitude of genres with astonishing ease and prowess. This fits perfectly into the context of album rock. These are records you want to listen to beginning to end and it's always a wild ride. If you don't find yourself humming your favorite Snow Bud tune about now, you might be asking yourself why you've never heard of Snow Bud and the Flower People until now? Chances are you're too young, too old or too stoned to remember. If you think you might be missing out YOU ARE. Listen to Snow Bud now, buy their records and go to their shows. This is the killer shit!

Snow Bud and the Flower People