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don't call this a sampler or a compilation! this is our lives!
we concocted this 16 song collection of the juiciest sounds from our
illustrious catalog to help people understand what we're all about...
check it out and get the whole picture so far...

CSR55  Atomic 61 - Tinnitus   Cavity Search Audio Resumé   CD  

imagine a church revival where black flag meets the melvins on acid,
so heavy it's religious

CSR3   The Other White Meat b/w Salt Peter   7" SINGLE   SOLD OUT
CSR6   Live in Texas split w/dirtclodfight   7" SINGLE   SOLD OUT

CSR16  Atomic 61 - Tinnitus   Tinnitus in Extremis   CD and Digital Download 

CSR21  Atomic 61 - Purity    Purity of Essence   CD and Digital Download 

CSR30  Atomic 61 - Goodbye   Goodbye Blue Monday   CD and Digital Download  

the multi-instrumentalist leader of the legendary austin,tx punkgrass outfit
bad livers - a twisted swig of sour mash moonshine from a musical pioneer

CSR52  Barnes - Minor Dings  Minor Dings   CD and Digital Download 

duet CD with pete krebs - the rich musical backgrounds that both these artists
possess make for a surprising result when they are given some fresh tape and some
free time to hit their respective musical strides

CSR53  Barnes/Krebs Duet Duet for Clarinet and Goat   CD and Digital Download 


While Brown’s compositions pay homage to the likes of classic composers like Monk, Roach, Blakey and Shorter they also venture on as an ode to modern ensembles and badasses like Brian Blade, Kneebody and Mark Guiliana. Each instrumental flows in a juxtaposed flurry and serenity...

CSR80  Barra Brown EPoch   CD/EP and Digital Download 

CSR97  Barra Brown Poem Project   CD and Digital Download 

His lyrics are deeply textural and symbolic and are laid tenderly over complex arrangements.
Drawing inspiration from Townes Van Zandt and Elliott Smith, Saul has created a unique elegant style of his own.

CSR72  Saul - Poison Packets  Poison Packets   CD and LP  

CSR74  Saul - The Fancy LP  The Fancy LP   CD  

CSR78  Saul - a tyrant and lamb LP  a tyrant and lamb   LP and Digital Download 

a monstrous band that left all others in it's wake, put on a crash
helmet and huff some aspirin because even when it stops it's not over

CSR51  Control Freak Emma  Emma's Thread b/w Sucker   7" SINGLE  

CSR12  Control Freak Low Animal Cunning  Low Animal Cunning   CD  

CSR20   Japanese split w/Stymie   7" SINGLE   SOLD OUT

a naughty blend of pop punk from orange county
as mighty as they are meaty, this ain't no epitaph band

CSR6   Live in Texas split w/Atomic 61   7" SINGLE   SOLD OUT

CSR17  Dirt Clod Fight Hymnal  Hymnal   CD and Digital Download 

CSR63  Dirt Clod Fight  Everything That Isn't   Digital Download  

CSR64  Dirt Clod Fight  Hunting Lesson   Digital Download  

CSR65  Dirt Clod Fight  Suffering the Aftertaste   Digital Download  

CSR73  Dirt Clod Fight  The Main Sequence   Digital Download  

CSR94  Dirt Clod Fight  The Reckoning - EP   Digital Download  

greg gilmore, formerly the drummer for mother love bone
teams up with various luminaries for an eclectic tribal romp

CSR15  Doghead  Doghead   CD  


CSR91  Down Gown  Down Gown   CD, LP and Digital Download 

a kaleidoscope love of all things psychedelic
an aura reminiscent of punk - presaging early '70s underground

CSR83  Film Star  Film Star   Digital Download 

CSR84  Film Star - Tranquil Eyes  Tranquil Eyes   Digital Download 

resisting the temptations of modern house and techno
this German duo recorded these songs at the 'Gentlemen's Quarters'
on a private island off the coast of Southern California

CSR59  Gentlement of Leisure  Gentlemen of Leisure   CD and Digital Download 

really loud three piece from portland spewing utterly psychotic
noise that will surely leave you questioning your sanity

CSR91  Gern Blanston 7in  Headbag split w/ Thirty Ought Six
Mike Scheer sleeve art   7" SINGLE  

CSR14  Gern Blanston  Gern Blanston   CD and Digital Download 

a shit heap of bluegrass jackassery featuring
mr. pete krebs and a host of hillbilly co-eds

CSR32   Cletus...   7" EP   SOLD OUT

CSR39  Golden Delicious - Old School  Old School   CD  

one half of this cd features golden delicious' whoopin' and hollerin',
and the other half is pete krebs doing his solo thing, all new songs

CSR45  Golden Delicious/Pete Krebs Split CD  split w/ Pete Krebs   Cavity Search   CD  

golden delicious at their smokin' hot best-LIVE!

CSR47  Golden Delicious, Live!  Live at the Laurelthirst CD  

northwest pop-punk sensations, we discovered this band,
don't let anybody tell you different

CSR1   JHell b/w Dayglo/Joe Louis Punchout   7" SINGLE   SOLD OUT
CSR11   Wintogreen b/w King Twist   7" SINGLE   SOLD OUT

24 Years after putting out Hazel's first release we bring you the release of an archival recording from the bands hay day of 1993 recorded Live in Portland and co-released with our friends at Voodoo Doughnut Recordings.

CSR90  Hazel  Live in Portland   CD, LP and Digital Download 

loud pop by for and about boys, but girls like it too,
we discovered this band, don't let anybody tell you different

CSR2   Stray b/w Can't Be Touched/Wake   7" SINGLE   SOLD OUT
CSR7   Sleeping Pill b/w Temper   7" SINGLE   SOLD OUT

CSR25  Heatmiser Everybody Has It Single  Everybody Has It b/w Dirty Dream   7" SINGLE  

CSR35  Heatmiser Mic City Sons LP  Mic City Sons   LP   LIMITED TO 1000   SOLD OUT


CSR41    Com Plex   CD   SOLD OUT  
CSR56    Young Effectuals   CD   SOLD OUT  

one of the leaders of the downtown nyc avant jazz scene formerly of john zorn's
naked city, alone or with fellow jazz terrorists, pigpen, he's bad, he's worldwide

CSR81  Wayne Horvitz w/ Pigpen  w/ Pigpen   Kind of Dead b/w Pattern 56 Interlude 

CSR22  Horvitz Live in Poland  w/ Pigpen Live in Poland CD and Digital Download  

internationally known jazz musician wayne horvitz steps out on his own for this collection
of tunes he composed and performed for dance, both ambient and classically modern

CSR33  Horvitz Monologue  Monologue   CD  Digital Download  

CSR86  Wayne Horvitz and Pigpig - Halfrack  Halfrack   EP   Digital Download

CSR87  Wayne Horvitz - Miss Ann  Miss Ann   Digital Download

let's step outside, we're about to embark on a psychedelic pop journey, so fasten your
seatbelts cuz we're all on liquid with the spaceman 3 and santana.

CSR28  KBA Womb Star  Womb Star Session   CD and Digital Download  

CSR34  KBA Sunlit  Sunlit   CD and Digital Download  

CSR38  KBA Royal Subjects  Royal Subjects   CD and Digital Download  

CSR48  KBA Loves a Long Song  Loves a Long Song   CD and Digital Download  

CSR67  Slide Away  Slide Away   Single   Digital Download

CSR68  Slide Away  Let's Burn Those Stars   Single   Digital Download

CSR70  Crashing in the Same Car  Always Crashing in the Same Car   Single   Digital Download

CSR71  Slide Away  Behind Blue Eyes   Single   Digital Download

CSR76  I'm Rolling Under  I'm Rolling Under   Single   Digital Download

CSR82  Sea of Unrest  Sea of Unrest   Single   Digital Download

CSR96  KBA Twin Flames  Twin Flames   CD EP and Digital Download  

CSR99  KBA Super Beautiful Magic  Super Beautiful Magic   CD and Digital Download  

live sampled drum and bass

CSR89  Vol.1  Vol.1   EP   Digital Download

CSR95  Korgy Single  "Bitter Horizon"   Single   Digital Download

CSR102  Korgy and Bass  Vol II CD EP and Digital Download  

solo acoustic outlaw wanted in six states for his exploits in the mighty hazel and thrillhammer,
slays em' every time with his smoking six(string)shooter and bullet smooth voice

CSR19  Krebs Brigadier  Brigadier   CD and Digital Download 

CSR31  Krebs Western Electric  Western Electric   CD and Digital Download 

one half of this cd features pete krebs' awesome songwriting and
the other half is golden delicious raisin' hell, all new songs

CSR45  Krebs/Golden Split CD  split w/ Golden Delicious   Cavity Search   CD  

pete krebs puts together an all-star line up to distill his past musical exploits into his best writing
to date, features ben shepherd (soundgarden) on bass and other local legends you know and love

CSR46  Krebs Sweet Ona Rose  Sweet Ona Rose   CD and Digital Download 

five new solo songs

CSR50  Krebs Bittersweet Valentines  Bittersweet Valentines CD/EP and Digital Download 

duet CD with danny barnes - the rich musical backgrounds that both these artists
possess make for a surprising result when they are given some fresh tape and some
free time to hit their respective musical strides

CSR53  Krebs/Barnes Duet  Duet for Clarinet and Goat   CD and Digital Download   

in the spirit of R. Crumb's Cheap Suit Serenaders, Bireli Legrene,
Jazz Manouche and the early jazz bands of the 20s and 30s comes the Kung Pao Chickens.
the Kung Pao Chickens play a mix of hot jazz and gypsy swing music.

CSR57  Krebs and the Kung Pao Chickens  Hot Ginger and Dynamite   CD  

crucial. pure pop perfection!

CSR51  Krebs I Know It By Heart  I Know It By Heart   CD and Digital Download  

You may call it a Best Of record but we call it Hey Pete Krebs!
This 17 track retrospective is a collection of songs taken from
6 different Pete Krebs records released between 1995 and 2002.

CSR92  Hey Pete Krebs  Hey Pete Krebs!   CD and Digital Download  

a genuine jazz legend that we still can't believe recorded a rare solo
record for our little label, sheesh! this guy used to play with thelonious monk

CSR24  Steve Lacy  Actuality    

the legend is back! this time with a phenomenal rhythm section, two full live
sets of hard - bop from the undisputed master of the soprano saxophone

CSR44  Steve Lacy - The Rent  Steve Lacy Trio   The Rent   Double CD  


CSR93  Devin Millar  Devin Millar Digital Download   

a brutally honest heavy rocking representation of life in the
Northwestern United States' low income suburbs and Native American reservations

CSR79  Queen Chief  Queen Chief CD/EP and Digital Download 

lush vocal harmonies and hard-edged punky music make
you wanna move to this girly pop band baby, yeahh!

CSR27  Rattlecake  Rattlecake CD and Digital Download 

CSR29  Rattlecake 7in Wa Wa Wa  Wa Wa Wa   7" EP   LIMITED TO 1000  

CSR37  Rattlecake Totally Without Products  Totally Without Products   CD EP  

CSR37  Totally Without Products LP  Totally Without Products   10" Vinyl EP and Digital Download  

a rock n' roll country band with a punk rock heart and whiskey running through their veins

CSR36  Richmond Fontaine Safety  Safety CD   SOLD OUT

CSR42  Richmond Fontaine Miles From  Miles From CD   SOLD OUT

CSR49  Richmond Fontaine Lost Son  Lost Son CD  

a surf band so cool that we can't believe we ever had the chance
to ride the same wave with them, mucho suave boys, hang ten!

CSR10   Satan's Pilgrims   CS EP   SOLD OUT

the prolific nyc saxophone and guitar maverick who constantly
pushes musical boundries from one end of the globe to the other

elliott teams up with the heaviest rhythm section this side
of the rockies to create intricately powerful avant jazz

CSR18  Elliott Sharp Boodlers  w/BOODLERS   Sharp, Chalenor, Franzoni  
CD and Digital Download 

first time collaboration between elliott and electronic music pioneer dj soulslinger,
devastating jungle/drum 'n bass meets massive guitar textures, recorded live in germany

CSR43  Elliott Sharp DJ Soulslinger  w/DJ SOULSLINGER   Rwong Territory  
CD and Digital Download 

The Boodlers' sophomore effort is a delirious burst of free jazz, with Elliott Sharp's guitar and tenor sax
zigzagging in and out of the thunderous rhythms created by bassist Fred Chalenor and drummer Henry Franzioni.

CSR66  Elliott Sharp DJ Soulslinger  w/BOODLERS   Counter Fit   Digital Download  

Composed by Elliott Sharp. Performed by Ensemble Resonanz, Elliott Sharp & Gareth Davis
Genre: Classical, Modern, Crossover, Noise

CSR101  Elliott Sharp Ensemble Resonanz Ensemble Resonanz
Elliott Sharp & Gareth Davis
CD and Digital Download 

heatmiser alumnus, elliott smith has become an underground
smash on the strength of his solo efforts, this is his first record

CSR13    Roman Candle   CD     SOLD OUT  

for the first time elliott's brilliant debut solo record is available on import LP in the states

REWIGLP2    Roman Candle   LP   Domino Records, UK
Not Exportable To Europe  

CSR40   Happiness b/w Son of Sam   7" SINGLE   SOLD OUT

Flashback is a document that expands on Chris Newman’s work from 1985 – a lifetime to some. Maybe time has finally caught up with the idea that music can be multi-dimentional and contain many opposing thoughts and tones and feelings. Or maybe, just maybe, you have just smoked some really amazing weed.

CSR62  Snow Bud and the Flower People  Flashback   CD and Digital Download  

An exploration of soundscapes, boom bap, tape music, and off beat grooves from an electronic producer, live DJ, and radio DJ from Portland, Oregon. Survival Skills is an artist who draws from the inspiration of everyone from Boards of Canada, Aphex Twin, to Theo Parish and St. Germain.

CSR81  Survival Skills 81  Curves   CD and Digital Download  

CSR85  Survival Skills 85  Deep Space   CD and Digital Download  

Thrillhammer is a short lived band of legend. Madness and pure energy followed the fellows (who would later form Hazel, Pond and Rotor) whereever they went ultimately resulting in the bands untimely demise. In 1992 Rough Trade in Germany posthumously issued the bands only release "Giftless". Produced by Steve Albini the record is a document of Thrillhammer's vibrant power and strength.

CSR69  Thrillhammer  Giftless   Digital Download  

these gals didn't stick around long enough to become the rock stars
they deserved to be, but they opened for bikini kill once in olympia

CSR4   Heavy as a Chevy b/w Beware of the Camper Man   7" SINGLE   SOLD OUT

These are bands/musicians whose efforts we admire and we feel
deserve to get cozy with one another on the same slab o' wax

smegma, rectal pizza, matt schulte, and hugh swofford all contribute
tracks to this voraciously insane show of frightening beauty

CSR23  7in Single Series  NO.1   7" SINGLE   LIMITED TO 200  

sissyface, hutch, ten-four, and vehicle all contribute tracks to this
stunningly brilliant performance of portland's pop-punk prowess

CSR26  7in Single Series    NO.2   7" SINGLE   LIMITED TO 500  


CSR98  Robert Wynia 98  Brave the Strange   CD and Digital Download  


a postcard book of fifteen surrealist ballpoint pen drawings by the twisted genius who
brought you all the treepeople album covers and built to spill videos that keep you up at night,
these are brilliant works of art that you won't want to tear out and send to anyone but yourself

CSP1  Scheer Book   Laundromatsmell   BK  

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